Associate Applied Photography - May 2019

13 May 2019

Region: Headquarters

Our congratulations to those who have gained their Associate in Applied Photography in May.

The Royal Photographic Society's Distinctions are recognised as measures of achievement throughout the world and they should be recognised and congratulated on their work.

Print Submissions
Zoltan Balogh ARPS
Paul Berkeley ARPS
John Cavana ARPS
Tony Cowburn ARPS

Amanda D'arcy ARPS
Nigel Essery ARPS
Colin Foster ARPS
Tony Goodger ARPS
Kenneth Jacob ARPS
Lo Pak Shing ARPS
Ng Ming Kui ARPS
Paul Rigg ARPS
Balwantrai Thanki ARPS
Alastair Wright ARPS
Chen Xinxin ARPS
Thomas Chen ARPS
Gary Jones ARPS
Sue Riach ARPS